Woolly One-offs

Woolly One-offs can take any form of payment - ie cheques or cards:


We aim to deliver your order as soon as possible


I'm sorry but due to Royal Mail changing their Packet rates and banishing the smaller gram weight I have had no alternative but to change my postage rates too.  Not being able to have the smaller weight means that I can no longer offer the below £10 rate at £1.50 as the smallest category for First Class UK Royal Mail is now £2.70!!  The cost reflects actual costs of posting the parcel.  Sorry



Packet costs are now:


                            1st class                 2nd class


0-750g          £2.70            £2.20


751-1000g    £4.30            £3.50


1001-1250g  £5.60





I will be asking how you would like your package to come - ie 2nd or 1st class.  Also for heavier weight parcels it may come in 2 parcels as this will keep the costs down.





If you would like to order any kits or yarn please:-


Call me on 01423 867318 with details of the kit/yarn you would like (please see order form)


Snail mail (please see order form)




e-mail me your details and I'll call you with regards to payment details




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